Faith Production Studios | Policies and Faqs

Policies and Procedures

  • * A retainer of $50.00 is required to schedule a photo session.  Due to limited this deposit is non-refundable.  If you cannot make it to the schedule session, please let us know in advance so we can reschedule.  This way you won't loose the retainer.
  • * In studio viewing / ordering session will be scheduled 7 to 14 working days after the session date.
  • * Due to the custom nature of the products, all sales are final.
  • More to come...........


Frequently Asked Questions

  • DO YOU HAVE BACK-UP EQUIPMENT?  Yes, of course! We carry at least two of everything in the unlikely event that something fails to work or is damaged during the day.
  • CAN WE ORDER OUR PICTURE IN BLACK & WHITE OR DO THEY HAVE TO BE IN COLOR?  All your pictures will be taken in color, but you can order your pictures in color, black and white, or sepia. In fact, when viewing your pictures we can even change your pictures from color to black and white right before your eyes. Also there is NO charge for converting to black and white or sepia prints.
  • ARE YOU FILM OR DIGITAL?  We do not use film instead we use the most up-to-date digital photography equipment.
  • ARE YOU A MEMBER OF ANY ASSOCIATIONS?  Yes, absolutely!! We are members of The Professional Photographers of Mississippi & Alabama, The Southeastern Professional Photographers Association, & The Professional Photographers of America.
  • HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN IN BUSINESS?  We have been in our current location since 2009.
  • DO YOU WORK OUT OF A STUDIO OR YOUR HOME?  We work out of a studio location. This provides a more relaxed atmosphere for our customers when making decisions and viewing pictures. There is no extra charge for the outdoor studio shooting, but an additional travel fee is charged for other locations, based on distance from the studio.
  • WHAT KIND OF TRAINING DOES THE PHOTOGRAPHER HAVE?  He is a current member of Professional Photographers of Mississippi & Alabama, The Southeastern Professional Photographers Association, Inc. and attends professional seminars & conventions twice a year. He also meets with other seasoned professionals for one-on-one consulting.
  • WHAT TYPES OF SERVICES DO YOU OFFER?  We are a Portrait / Wedding Photography studio.  We also offer many options for you to choose from including composite (zed) cards, model head shots, business card photographs, compact disc covers, family portraits, pet photography, child photography, commercial photography. If you would like something specific done, just say the word and we will give you a price quote on that item.
  • WHAT IS BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY?  Boudoir photography is tastefully done photographs of a woman in anything from lingerie to nude. Due to our style and policy we DO NOT OFFER this type of service.
  • WHAT METHODS OF PAYMENT DO YOU ACCEPT?  We accept Personal Checks, Cash, Money Orders and Certified Checks are OK as well! With our online options we also accept Master Card, Visa, Discover, and American Express.
  • WHEN COMING IN FOR PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY OR ANYTHING BESIDES A WEDDING, WHAT SHOULD I WEAR?  Stay away from the color white and prints as they will take away from the focus of the photograph. Long sleeves are always better; however, please feel free to bring in whatever you wish and we can help you decide what you will look best in. If you are taking group photographs, simplicity is the key. Casual cotton shirts are great as well as sweaters. Jeans or Dockers are also a good choice of attire. Keep with the same tones (not one dark and one light).
  • DO YOU HAVE A DRESSING ROOM?  Yes! Our facility has separate restrooms for men and women, plus additional space if needed. We do not have a hairdresser or make-up artist on staff, but we can recommend a professional location near our studio.
  • IS A HAIRDRESSER AVAILABLE?  No. We can recommend you to a couple of salons near our location.
  • WHAT ARE YOUR PRICES!  Currently being updated.
  • IS A MAKE-UP ARTIST AVAILABLE AS WELL?  No. We can recommend you to a couple of salons near our location.
  • HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO GET MY PICTURES TAKEN?  A regular photo session will take up to an hour and a half. Right after you are finished taking your photos you will be able to view your pictures.  A modeling portfolio or senior session with several clothing changes, make-up, and hair would take 2 to 4 hours.  For weddings, we are with you for up the whole event: ceremony, reception, etc. for up to 5 hours.
  • DO YOU SELL GIFT CERTIFICATES?  Yes, they are available in any denomination.
  • DO YOU RETOUCH ALL OF YOUR PHOTOS?  Yes all our photos get a basic retouch. Retouching includes the removal of lines, blemishes, wrinkles and shine. It also will whiten teeth and can even remove red from your eyes. Retouching is standard, we only want our best work to leave our studio.
  • WHEN ARE YOU AVAILABLE?  Everything is by appointment. We currently make appointments for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. Friday, Saturday appointments are also available from 10:00am to 5:00pm. Just call (662) 385-3693 for availability! No appointments are made on Sunday or Wednesday.
  • WHERE ARE YOU LOCATED?  We are located in the city of Itta Bena, MS across from the campus of Mississippi Valley State University on Hwy 82west. We are housed in the Leflore County Business and Manufacturing Development Complex in Suite #117.
  • DO YOU HAVE A NO SHOW FEE?  NO, we do not. However we do require a session / booking fee of $50.00 which is non-refundable. The fee is to secure your date, time slot with the photographer. If we notified of cancellation of your appointment within 24 hours this fee can be used for a future appointment date. We only allow one rescheduling per session fee. You can secure this with a cash, check or money orders.


Copyright Notice

  • * Copyright Policy: All images are copyrighted by photographer, Frager McCline Sr.  It is illegal and unlawful to scan, copy, print, reproduce the images created by Frager McCline Sr; Faith Production Studios,LLC; I.T. Professional Services, LLC in any manner or medium without written permission.